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Paddy periodically tours and you can check-out his schedule to see if he'll be appearing or touring in your region.  

In North America 
please contact:

Bravender Productions
phone: 603.568.7407
56 Whitehouse Road
Loudon, NH 03307

Paddy would like to thank the Greenfiddle Agency for many years of professional and personal service.

In Germany, Holland and Switzerland, contact

In Spain contact

Serrano Producciones,
P. Igeltzera,
18, E-48610 Urduliz (Spain)

Hot Conya Records
56 Whitehouse Road
Loudon, NH 03307


From Steve Morse (Steve is the lead guitarist with the Dixie Dregs and Deep Purple).

"I just finished the coolest session of writing / arranging with an Irish bagpipe / Flute maestro named Paddy Keenan.  I'm dying to bring him up for a few tunes if he can ever break out from his bookings.  He was amazing and we played some music that had me really excited.  I can't believe how much energy he can wail with on those pipes. Definitely we're going to get together, the first probably being a collaboration that was arranged that night.  Some traditional Irish / Scottish tunes that Paddy taught me.  That tune will most likely be on a benifit CD for Earthlegacy to help the cause, I've also asked him to play on our SMB album and gave him some of the music to learn. ( Some melodies on 2 tunes )"
"Nice compliment, Coming from one of the most sensitive and soulfull lead guitarists I've heard to date" paddy

Matt Joyce Durango Herald,At the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.  2000
Playing with Tim O Brien Darrol Scot and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

"Paddy Keenan Proved himself an invaluable asset to the band, and music in general, with his virtuoso flute and bagpipe playing"


Here's a review from another recent concert....

Who Was That Masked Piper?

Stealth Concert Scores Direct Hit

(My apologies to all society members who didn't receive word of this concertin time to attend). We heard about Paddy Keenan being available on a Thursday morning and booked him the next afternoon. I made one phone pass through the membership list without trying again after reaching busy signals or unanswered phones, and had the event sold out by Saturday evening. The concert was held two days later on Monday, Dec. 14. Paddy hopes to return in the Fall. -Kevin Hall)

A true master of the Irish uillean pipes stole into town a few weeks ago and treated eighty people to a concert unlike any other ever held in Fresno. One front row friend likened the experience to looking off the edge of a tall cliff and feeling the gravity tugging you over. Paddy Keenan's playing pulled us all off the cliff and, much to our surprise, we found we could fly.

Keenan and guitarist-singer Billy Kelly pulled into our driveway on east Sierra Madre in the mid-afternoon like a pair of travelling gunslingers hired to clean up an old Wild West town, a pair of tall strangers with strong reputations and big hands. They unfolded themselves from the car and began pulling cases from the trunk as we walked out to greet them. Keenan's long black coat, dark shades and broad brimmed hat only added to the Irish Wyatt Earp thing he had going. But it worked. Kelly throws in a Hawaiian shirt beneath the wool jacket for a little color. That works, too.

And a friendlier pair you'll never meet. The joking began immediately and never stopped. But the real connection was made that night when Keenan began to play. It was amazing music; a soulful sound impossible to attain with any other instruments hot from the pipes. Between the tones of its chanter, drones and regulators, that cliff appeared and a depth of feeling shared between musician and audience opened up. We fell gratefully in. Weeks later it's still hard to shake the almost physical memory of the concert.

During the first half a friend whispered in my ear, "Doesn't it make you want to get up and dance?" I had to say no because to dance you need to be able to breathe, and I felt the like the breath had been sucked right out of my body.This was literally the best musical performance I have ever experienced.

As the accompanist, Kelly's driving rhythms on his open-tuned guitar fit well,but his real mettle showed on the songs. It takes a big man to share a stage,much less hold your own, with the likes of Paddy Keenan, but Billy Kelly did it. He has a strong, working man of a voice. It's hard-edged, real, and free of pretension. His choice of songs jived completely with the voice. Together they complemented each other perfectly. Keenan took wing while Kelly kept it grounded. I only wish everyone could have been there. Next time you will at least have the opportunity.

And a particular note of thanks to the volunteers who helped: Terry Barrett is top of the list for his sound system and time operating it, Larry Cusick, Steve and Maureen O'Neill, Sean and Paul Henry, Val Keogh, Chris Flanagan, Anne Mosgrove and Joey Hall.


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Also re-issues of Paddy's Gael Linn Solo Album ,
Poirt an Phiobaire and
Na Keen Affair on Hot Conya Records are available from

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