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With the Bothy Band:

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)The First Album known as Bothy Band 1975
by The Bothy Band

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)Old Hag You Have Killed Me
by The Bothy Band

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)Out of the Wind Into the Sun
by The Bothy Band

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)After Hours
by The Bothy Band

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)Best of The Bothy Band
by the Bothy Band

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)Live in Concert
by The Bothy Band

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Solo Work and Other Recordings

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)Paddy Keenan
by Paddy Keenan (Hot Conya)

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)Doublin
by Paddy Glackin and Paddy Keenan (Tara)

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)Cry of the Mountain with Micheal O Suilleabhain

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)Poirt an Phiobaire
by Paddy Keenan 

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)Dancin' to the Ceili Band
by The Bucks (Warner)

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)Na Keen Affair
by Paddy Keenan (Hot Conya)

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)James Kelly
with James Kelly (New World Music)


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Also re-issues of Paddy's Gael Linn Solo Album ,
Poirt an Phiobaire and
Na Keen Affair on Hot Conya Records are available from

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