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Craig's Pipes from the Bothy Band's "1975 Album"  

King of the FairiesThe Steampacket and McLeod's Reels from "Paddy Keenan"

King of the FairiesThe Blackbird, Air and Long Dance from "Paddy Keenan"

King of the FairiesCape Clear  from "Poirt an Phiobaire".

King of the FairiesMonaghan Twig and Colliers from "Poirt an Phiobaire".

King of the FairiesAvalon from"Na Keen Affair"

King of the FairiesScotch Mary/Earl's Chair/Pigeon on the Gate   from "Na Keen Affair".

newbullj.jpg (5237 bytes)   Video of Jimmy Ward's Jig (570K) from the 1996 Philadelphia Ceili Group's Traditional Irish Music and Dance Festival. Paddy is accompanied on guitar by Nigel Stevens, courtesey of Drexel University Television.


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 Also re-issues of Paddy's Gael Linn Solo Album ,
Poirt an Phiobaire and
Na Keen Affair on Hot Conya Records are available from

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